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Sólo quiero señalar una posible solución al tema. Tu página en español lleva a una página 404 por lo que significa que no existe. ¿Todas las páginas que has traducido llevan a una página 404? Si es así, puede que tengas un conflicto con la configuración de tu permalink de WPML. Intenta restablecer tus permalinks yendo a Configuración > Permalinks y haz clic en el botón Guardar cambios.

Voy a contarlo con el equipo de soporte de mi hosting y enviarles esta imagen (y mensaje). Respecto a la página 404, utilizo la misma para la versión española e inglesa. Aun así, voy a desactivar esta redirección (uso un plugin para esto) para evitar problemas.

He comprobado sus páginas y no existe realmente. La página traducida por Cornerstone es esta Fíjate en la diferencia entre ofertas-fb y ofertas-de-fb

No lo entiendo. La página original (fue creada hace 1 año) es Instalé el plugin WPML hace tres semanas y pude traducir todas las páginas sin problemas. Dentro de esta página y de la versión en inglés (, utilizo un plugin WP Job Manager mediante un código [jobs] para mostrar una lista de trabajos, pero no se muestra como en la versión original (español).

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I wanted to give notice that the Changes to Librarian Removal Policy survey is ready to be launched, and will be launched in the next few days. Of course, if new ideas or observations come up, polishing will follow before it is released. Jan6 (messages) 16:44 5 Jan 2018 (UTC)[reply].

Done. As I expected, there are a number of conflicts (very old redirects) that I will have to fix manually (about 40) and will be moving them to Roto/WP:XYZ with XYZ being the old shortcode. A posteriori I will mark those pages for deletion but the links will still work. -MarcoAurelio 23:13 3 Jan 2018 (UTC)[reply].

I am sorry to report the news of the passing on November 24 of one of our contributors and my friend, Halfdrag (Fernando). I have no words to express the sadness I feel at this outcome and would like to express my condolences to his family and friends. –Maragm (discussion) 12:38 26 Dec 2017 (UTC)[reply].

It’s been a while since I’ve stopped by the cafe and all of a sudden I came across this sad announcement made by Maragm…. My sincere condolences to his family and friends, as well as to all wikipedians who had a great relationship with him. I did not cross paths with him many times, but I am a witness to his great contributions, which will always live on in his memory. May he rest in peace. Ivanhercaz (Discussion) 02:32 8 Jan 2018 (UTC)[reply].

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Hi. Maybe it was already announced somewhere, but I can’t find it. During November will be open worldwide the Wiki Science photo contest, which seeks to get free images about science “from archaeology to zoology”. There are 4 categories: “People in science”, “Microscopic images”, “Videos and animations”, “Image gallery” and “General category”. There is some more information on this Wikimedia Chile page, but I can’t find a main page on Commons. To participate you have to upload the images through a special wizard or categorize them as part of the contest. One point against is that the image must have a description in English apart from the description in Spanish or any other language that the uploader wants to use. Greetings and success. Lin linao tell me? 21:09 1 Nov 2017 (UTC)[reply].

Thanks for the link. Yes, when I said “everyone” I was not speaking figuratively, you can participate from any country in the world. Cheers and good photo fishing. Lin linao tell me 17:05 3 Nov 2017 (UTC)[reply].